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Tree and Shrub Care

Trees and Shrubs create a natural beauty to homes and businesses providing shade, clean air, water conservation, appeal, and much more. These plants require time to mature and it’s essential they remain healthy. An unhealthy tree, that stays unhealthy, will die and it will take time and money to replace it. Amerilawn’s aspiration is to make sure your trees and shrubs are healthy yearlong by creating programs tailored to your trees and/or shrubs.

Amerilawn offers a variety of services:

Health Care

  • Plant Health Care (PHC) seeks to maintain and/or improve your landscapes health, vigor, and appearance.  Tree safety is a priority in PHC. Our arborist can create a program for your landscapes specific needs.  Remember plants and turf occupy the same area: soil.

  • Both the roots of trees, turf, shrubs and bedding plants all compete for the same resources.  Treatments made to the turf can affect the health, appearance and vigor of landscape plants.  Treatments made to landscape plants could also affect the turf grass.  A trained Arborist can create an annual program which will benefit your entire landscape.

Landscape analysis/diagnosis and treatment:

  • Not all problems on trees and shrubs can be visually detected. Incorrect diagnosis of the problem leads to money wasted as well as time lost.  Let our certified and trained arborist take this worry away.  We will analyze your landscape plants and create a specific treatment program which benefits your entire landscape.

Amerilawn Tree/Shrub services

  • Spring Deep Root fertilization:  The roots will absorb the nutrients and will be used by the plant throughout the growing season.  A probe is inserted into the ground and a fertilizer liquid is injected directly into ground. This not only re-supplies the soil with nutrients but also helps aerate it as well

  • Fall Deep Root Fertilization: Roots absorb the nutrients which will be used the following spring. 

  • Disease/insect sprays:  Spring is the time that many diseases and insects attack both trees and shrubs.  Our arborist knows the proper timing of applications to help protect your plants from disease/insects throughout the year.

  • Specialty Tree Injections:  We use a NO DRILL method Drilling holes in trees causes damage and overtime can cause localized death or possibly entire tree.

    • Injection Types:

      • Insects: selected insects

      • Disease: selected diseases

      • Nutrients:  This can be injected to help increase overall health and vigor of tree

      • Emerald Ash Borer:  This treatment is effective and will Last for two years

      • Iron: This helps correct yellowing(chlorosis) on trees such as Pin Oaks and River Birch


*Ash Borer Protection*

Emerald Ash Borer has made its way to the Nebraska area affecting and killing beautiful Ash Trees.

  • At Amerilawn we use a NO DRILLING method to inject your tree for Ash Borer protection.  The treatment last for 2 years 




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